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Final Blog entry

The semester is over, and with it, our final blog entry. The creative habit at first seemed to be a little difficult. Having the motivation to do the same task every day isn’t easy to get started, but once you do, it gets pretty easy. My writing prompts went from simple taglines into fleshed out synopses, all the way to full narratives. It became much easier to write and alongside the ability to write, the abiliy to let my mind wander and create ideas.

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Art by Zdzislaw Beskinski

Over the past handful of weeks, I’ve pulled from several inspirations. One of which is the dark, dreamlike artwork of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. His nightmarish, surreal landscapes help promote creativity and imagination and it creates a unique aesthetic for the stories I like to tell.

Alongside the art, I also listened to music.

Two bands I have discovered recently are the dark-folk band Worm Ouroboros and the ambient doom metal band SubRosa. I’ve been listening to their albums lately, and its unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The music sounds almost other worldly, which helps me get into the mindset and create stories.

The following are brief synopses  or stories I wrote. The synopses I chose are my favorite out of the handful of stories I have written.

             A man is caught in a nuclear explosion and is granted immortality. As he starts to become adventurous and try new things, he slowly realizes that he can never die, and everything else will outlive him. He searches for a cure as long as he can, but eventually witnesses the end of mankind and the destruction of Earth. He travels through space endlessly and lands on dead worlds, waiting for them to be destroyed or somehow tries to find a way off. After doing this forever, the story ends with the now frail and weak man witnessing what he believes is the end of the universe.

             A monstrous, world devouring wyrm drifting through space is spotted by  a galactic military force. After viewing what the wyrm can do to a thriving planet in a few years, the military decide to trap it and kill it. A the wyrm races toward several capital worlds that control their sector of the galaxy. The military then sets up traps on several planets that the wyrm falls for. After many years of wounding and starving the beast, it finally dies on a dead planet as the last of its species.

                A mage is lured to the fifth dimension by a strange being she believes is trying to help her. She flies through time and space at alarming speeds unsure of what’s happening around her. The being then shows her the destruction of her reality if she doesn’t stop a monster from the fifth dimension in time. Not even grasping the concept of how things work in the fifth dimension, she tries her hardest to fight the monster back. She fails at  opening a portal to send the monster away, but the failed portal ends up sending the monster between dimensions in an endless sea of nothingness for all eternity. After finding she is too weak to return to her realm, the mage remains in the fifth dimension, but continues to watch over her realm as an omnipotent protector.

Writing every day, or almost every day has not only helped with my creativity, but my ideas of how to tell a story. It helps me formulate my thoughts and think of cause and effect rationally, as well as how the world actually works.


Creative Habits

For my Creative Habit Project, I have decided to do writing prompts.

I have found several websites to help me write and provide writing prompts to help with creativity and getting thoughts flowing:

Alongside the websites that supply writing prompts, Gizmodo published an article that helps with writer’s block. They discuss 10 different types of writer’s block, and describe different ways to fight it.

I have written a lot of story concepts in my free time. My favorite things to write about are science fiction, specifically cyberpunk, and fantasy. The further I stray from reality, the easier it is to allow my mind to wander and create stories. Writing in reality is more difficult for me, but definitely possible. I also try to document my dreams, if I can. I like everything I write to have a strange, dreamlike quality to them.

I typically listen to music while I work, and see what worlds the music takes me to. Without a prompt, I begin to formulate a concept, and the story just unravels itself into a cohesive story, some better than others, obviously.

Some of the music I’ve been listening to are as follows:

The following are two concepts I wrote this past week that I really like:

hollow earth is true, but it’s not a series of continents and oceans, its a series of machines calculating and recording every square inch beneath our world. the continents train people for various scenarios and can be terramorphed when necessary to accomodate surroundings. the giant computer than keeps the planet alive also records everything, and allows the recorded data to be accessed. the recorded data allows people to travel backwards in time. the illuminati is real. to hooded figures lurking in the forest are real. they rule the world but are helping us. they’re allowing the world to run its course the way its emant to be run, because theyre form the future. theyve travelled to far and long to make sure the earth is run the way its meant to, because that way, they’re future will be saved.

year 4019

planet earth has become a computerized machine. resources are gone and space travel was impossible due to solar flares and atmospheric conditions. lack of resources spells extreme malnutrition for the human race for 100 years; we had de-evolved. our bodies, being too weak to physically work, had shrunk and no longer serve a purpose. our minds are uplinked with machines and computers and do our bidding at our every whim. our intellect had become unmatched, but what we had in intelligence we lacked at everything else. our existence ceased to have a purpose. death rates outweighed birth rates 12/1 and continued to steadily drop annually. humans have become organic cyborgs whose sole purpose is to create more like them to continue to feed a lifeless metal planet. a computer virus from almost 2000 years ago somehow becomes rampant and begins infecting an entire planet of 27 billion connected human minds. the virus no longer attacks files in a desktop, but instead attacks our synthetic organs, cybernetic implants, and basic human functions. we became infected with a digital disease

Pipeline: Final entry

The group project is fully complete.



It was an arduous learning experience for all of us. It gave us lessons in team building, communication, time management, and it gave us practice in all of our fields. It started off and finished smoothly. The snags, I’ve realized, only came from scheduling and peresonal strife, like being sick, etc. We all hae lives outside of class, and I’m very excited and proud that the project has been completed beyond our expectations.


That being said, the only thing that needed improvement (honestly) is my involvement. I stepped in a little too late when Rachel needed me, but the project got done, nevertheless. I don’t think I was a loose screw or that I was bad at my job, but there is room for imporvement for sure.


The entire process helps everyone involed. We’ll be involved in group projects for the entirety of our careers, and this pipeline is sinecerely a great foundation on what to expect when working with a team. Other groups hit constant snags and have consistent obstacles, but not us, and that makes me proud.

Until next time, blog. Until next time.

Pipeline entry 3

The adventure comic is nearing completion, and the entire team is working diligently to get the project finished in time. Everything has been going well for the duration of the project. While we hit a few minor snags at the beginning, there hasn’t been anything preventing the project from getting done in any way. The team has been in constant contact and the Drive has been constantly updated with brand spankin’ new art every day.

The color process has started and the project is definitely on schedule. The team is working phenominally well, and everyone has been working together. We also made the conscious decision to make the project completely digital for two reasons:
1: Creating an interactive digital comic emphasizes the interactive concept to the story so you physically choose the path in which you take.
2: To create a traditional book requires much more time, and manny more resources. Not to mention everything would have to be rushed to ensure printing and assembly goes smoothly.

Documentary crew is getting their work done as well. Interviews have wrapped, and the editing process has begun. The final touches would be added when our project is completely done.

That’s all for this week. See ya soon.

Pipeline entry 2


The project so far has been going very well. When we work, we work. Everyone is contributing to the project in the same quantity and quality, which is wonderful to see.

I’ve pencilled a more detailed schedule, but I want to run it by the group first so I don’t impose on their work. That being said, I think the last week or two should be devoted to editing, printing, and assembling the book. With the ratee at which we’ve been working, we should be done in no time. The writing is finished, the pencils are moving along well, an the inking has started. Brandon sketched a few backgrounds, and there are even some examples of possible color schemes.

What I’ve been doing is documenting what still needs to be done, as well as research on book assembly. I’ve found a few companies online that can print for us, but before I do more research on that front I should probably ask around campus. We have enough time to plan the assembly stage, but we need to learn how to do it and where so if we need to schedule something in advance, we’ll have plenty of time.

Until next week.

Pipeline: Entry 1

I have taken on the responsibility of being the project manager for our forthcoming pipeline project. I decided to be the project manager instead of part of the documentary creew because I wanted to challenge myself and do something I’ve never done. On top of that, I don’t believe I can contribute much to the artistic side of things for this project, so documenting everything, scheduling, and doing paper work just works perfectly for me.

Brandon created his own template/timeline for how the story can branch out and develop. In addition to his sketches, Erin created thumbnails/storyboards for a character she creeaated named Ben. We then used her storyboards and taped them to the whiteboard in Crane so we can draw arrows and create linear paths.




I go into a little more detail in the group blog, but so far what I’ve been doing is making sure everything goes smoothly. I delegated the documentary schedule to Josh and Lem so they could create their own schedule to coincide with their other classes.

There isn’t much to report on this week on my end, but we certainly have made a lot of progress so far.

Pipeline Concept

Star Trek: Assignment Earth #4, page 9 by John Byrne & Tom Smith. 2008.


I think that one of the choices for a Pipeline project should be a collaborative comic book between illustrators, animators, and storytellers.


The project would be a comic book written by, edited by, printed by, drawn by, and distributed by students.The class can decide who gets to do which part of the project, and each person gets their own responsibilities. The roles include the writers, the project manager, the editor, pencils, inks, colors, and backgrounds. The art style, story, and every aspect of the book should be decided as a group so everyone creates something they enjoy. I think the comic book would be a big success and allow students and classmates to practice their skills and work on a large scale project they otherwise wouldn’t do.




The schedule should operate as follows:

Week 1:

  • Assigning roles
  • Writing Process begins

Week 2

  • Writing Process ends
  • Thumbnails

Week 3

  • Pencils
  • Background
  • Inks

Week 4

  • Color
  • Text

Week 5

  • Editing
  • Finishing


The color can be added whenever the colorer sees fit, so it could be done alongside inking, if the artists chooses so. Even some of the editing and finalizing can go by each page instead of doing everything at once. At the beginning and end of each week, emails should be sent to the project manager to update him/her or what progress has been made.

While the final details can be decided as a complete group, I think that the idea of making a comic book is exciting and unique, and it helps utilize students skills in an effective way.

Blog entry #4

I’ve been introduced to the idea of making an image look like a painting using photoshop. The smudge tool is used to smear the image to make th colors look softer and more delicate, to resemble a chiaroscuro style of painting.

I’ve attempted this with a photo I  already took:



It will clearly take some time to make an image look the way I want it to, but nevertheless, I enjoy the style, and I’d like to use it for my finished piece.

Entry 3

The photos above are test photos I took this week with my girlfriend at the park. I’m starting to get ideas for a narrative to tell with the photos. I got Bullfinch’s mythology from the library, and I’ve been reading about bards called skalds that would travel and tell stories about warriors and their adventures. I think I’m going to try and have a narrative about a skalds journey from one village to another, carrying her lute and supplies along the way.

I think I’m headed in the right direction as far as what I want to do. I’d like to take a few photos at night/in low light to show a greater progression of time. If I’m able to, I’d like to show the skald at a bonfire telling her stories to a large group of people, similar to the album art underneath.

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